The 5 best Tooniz of the week

We had the right to lots of beautiful Tooniz this week. Horses, birds, rodents of all kinds have made their appearance in the rankings, and this is not to displease us: the more we are crazy we laugh! Moreover, the "traditional" dogs and cats are worried to be done because these newcomers have undeniable comic potential...

So who takes the lead Tooniz this week? Quickly, quickly, we want to know the 5 best Tooniz of the week:

Marjo38 takes the lead with Elona who does not know where to turn her head

She is followed by Adrienmag2 and his own version of Star Wars

Monyou makes us "smile" with his puppies with dirty teeth

It is HelmaE who brings the "noiseaux" in the classification

Grigris presents Grisouille, the cat the most Deegeeendu of the world!

That should give you ideas to make us many beautiful Tooniz! See you next week for a new ranking. Create a Tooniz.