The 5 best Tooniz of the week

And here we go for a new edition of the best Tooniz of the week.

These last time, the number of Tooniz created explodes and the votes soar . And we're lucky, it's still so funny.

And you, it tells you to create your own Tooniz?

This week, the first place is won by a dog recruiter who find that the candidate does not have enough... dog!

He is followed by a squirrel who warns you: be careful, do not break them.

In third position, Romeo the cat brilliantly practices the favorite sport of cats: the nap!

Further, we find a black cat who does not really sleep soundly: he gave us the 'eye!

Finally, a squirrel who tries one of the children's favorite games: 1, 2, 3, sun .