The 250 "Loto Cats" of Bonneuil put in security

It was in the middle of the night that the 250 cats of the association "Bon & OElig; il Bon Chat" were put safe by volunteers.

A little reminder of the facts. While she regularly organized lotos in the town of Bonneuil , Floriane Chamignon was stopped by the police because of suspicions of personal enrichment. For her part, Floriane Chamignon defends herself from any personal enrichment and explains how to organize lodges in order to finance her association "Bon & OElig; il Bon Chat" founded in 2011 .

A shelter to help cats

The "Bon & Œlig; il Chat" shelter has allowed since 2011 to avoid the proliferation of cats by carrying out sterilizations and vaccinations. The lotos then allowed to be able to the costs of the shelter that took care of all the costs until the adoption of the matous.

Following the interpellation of the founder of the shelter and her daughters, the volunteers were obviously worried as to the future of cats . They decided to take action at night by exfiltrating the 250 cats to make them safe. Without this action, the animals would have been placed in the SPA

Already a solution?

Touched by this story, Stéphane Lamart of the association "For the defense of animal rights" a wrote to the prosecutor of Créteil in order to offer his help. He proposes to take care of the 250 cats financially until they are adopted, and to leave them in their refuge. Three months of kibble have already been ordered to feed the felines. For the moment, his proposal is pending, but a petition has been launched to help the "lotto cats" .

Hope that the situation is unlocked quickly.

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