2-Legged chihuahua and his best friend chicken!

At AllCreatureAnimalClinic, we do not get tired of friendships as touching as improbable, like Roo, a handicapped Chihuahua, and Penny, an adorable chicken with snow-white down !
On this day dedicated to love, how to resist the urge to tell you, in images, the story of this incredible duo ?

Animals like no other

It's thanks to Alicia Williams that Roo and Penny met. This great animal-loving woman works at Duluth Animal Hospital, and decided to make her office and home an animal shelter like no other .
She adopted Penny when she was a tiny 9 weeks old chick. The little all-white ball was a laboratory animal, and no longer needed for the experiment for which it had been used, it was about to be euthanized. "I did not know anything about chickens, but I asked if I could adopt her and I brought her home " says the one who was still a student at the time. But the first few weeks of this new life were difficult for Penny, who was struggling with loneliness. That's when Roo arrived! The puppy born without front legs was not 2 months old when he was found in a park and saved by the person who discovered it. Alicia thinks that little Chihuahua

was probably abandoned by her breeder because of her disability ... Thanks to a generous customer of the hospital, a small cart could be bought for Roo, who is gamboling now as if nothing had happened, at the speed of the big V! He never tires of walking with Penny, so happy to have a companion with whom to play and chat.