The 1st Code of the animal has just been born in France!

It was time ! The 30 Million Friends Foundation and experts in animal law have just created the very first Animal Code: a major step forward for the animal cause in France!

Since February 2015, animals have been recognized as sentient beings in the Civil Code. A symbolic advance that, in fact, has not really changed the animal condition... Three years later, the 30 Million Friends Foundation is proud to publish the very first Animal Code , fruit of a close collaboration with Jean-Pierre Marguénaud and Jacques Leroy, Professors of private law, specialists of the animal right

A as for the end of the legal blur?

This Code of the animal brings together the texts of the seven codes (Civil, Criminal, Criminal Procedure, Rural and Maritime Fishing, Environment, Territorial Communities, Public Health Codes) that evoke animals. Indeed, distributed within these different codes, the arrangements made in France and in Europe for animals sometimes contradict each other, so that these inconsistencies create a legal vagueness that ultimately damages their cause. This Code of 1058 pages makes it possible to shed light on these texts and to make them available to professionals in the animal sector: magistrates, prosecutors, lawyers, but also veterinarians, researchers, teachers or students.

"Promotion of the law animal, through the transmission of legal knowledge, is a major issue in a modern society. For several decades, thanks to the implementation of a reflection conducted alongside renowned legal experts, has 30 Million Friends Foundation is constantly innovating to change the animal rights. She had to be at the origin of the very first Animal Code, "said Reha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

But this Code is only a first step: the next issue is the recognition of the animal as a legal personality The 30 Million Friends Foundation and the authors of this Code are already working on the issue.

Animal Code
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