The 10 existential questions your dog asks

We must admit, we are still a few to often to speak instead of our dog, just for the sake of imagining what he would like to tell us...

Here are the 10 things your dog thinks very hard but that he will unfortunately never be able to tell you by word! Feel free to add if you have other ideas of what our dear and tender 4-legged companions can think!

1. I do not understand this obsession that you have to go all day.

What's more, to go away and go home tired... A day with me in the park would be so much more fulfilling.

© Flickr - Rudolph Fehr

2. When we receive guests, why do not you take care of me?

There are even some of your guests who pay no attention to me, I find it so devaluing on my territory!

© Giphy

3. Why do you stop playing after 5 minutes?

I do not understand how we can get tired of such fun...

© Giphy

4. Why do you still want me to swim when we go to the beach?

I'm already scared of the shower, let me rather dig. And sorry for your souvenir photos

© Flickr - Nikoretro

5. Why when you come home late at night you speak with a very high voice?

And you cuddle me 20 times more than usual

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6. Why do not we have the same food?

I'm not saying it's boring to eat the same thing all the time, but your dishes still look more appetizing...

© Giphy

7 . Why am I always hooked on you when you go out, but never at home?

Aside from running down the road or chasing a female in heat to the next town I do not see what you fear like that...

© Giphy

8. Why do I sleep on the floor in a small bin that makes my size and you in a huge, incredibly comfortable place?

This is, I think, the biggest canine injustice!

© Giphy

9 . Why are you talking all the time all alone in this rectangular mini thing?

Sometimes it really scares me.

© Giphy

10. Why can not I do without you?

You often say sweet words when you insist on putting my hair back but I would also like to tell you that life with you is still

© Flickr - Jean-Baptiste Duville

So, did you recognize your dog?