The 10 animal videos that have marked you the most in 2014

Fun, amazing touching, moving, cheering, hilarious, singing and dancing: in 2014, animal videos swept the web and made some hairballs real stars.

Some brightened our days, others have clouded our morale: (re) discover the 10 videos that have most marked you in 2014.

1. When dogs and a happy cat remake the Happy

clip Impossible to miss Pharell Williams Happy tube last spring, and it's impossible not to envy this swarm of dogs, accompanied by the famous skater Didga. Stroll on the beach, swimming in the azure sea, photo session with friends, ball game on the sand or in the grass: yes, no doubt, these loulous of all sizes and all hairs are happy !

2. This dog loses an obedience contest in the most adorable way

If his owner was hoping to win the Finnish televised contest in which they participated, this Golden Retriever, he had in mind a different idea, that of simply having fun . Result? It has made millions of Internet users laugh around the world!

3. Do sports when you have cats, mission impossible?

Adorable, Kody and Shorty, these two tomcats which we can follow the crazy adventures on Youtube, make every day the happiness of their human. But this one must admit it, his adored cats are sometimes a little too intrusive ! When he's trying to do a bit of exercise for example... Kody and Shorty do not really seem to like it.
Why is their human doing push-ups when he could play with them? We ask you!

4. The heartbreaking story of Grace

This poor bitch living in India was a victim of a terrible cruelty and would have died if a witness had not alerted the association Animal Aid Unlimited for him

Liberated and neat, Grace stopped suffering physically, but the trauma was still very much alive. The bitch sank into a deep depression against which all the efforts of the shelter staff were unsuccessful. But one day, a new kid arrived at the shelter, and Grace had a real love at first sight for him.

5. A video for all abandoned dogs

Advocates of the animal cause are familiar with Hope for Paws, this great American association that has saved the lives of so many strays and abandoned dogs all over the United States. Compiling the very touching images of these many rescues, a surfer, Franco Fratus, has published a message for "the whole of humanity".

6. Finally free, these Beagles run for the first time in the grass

It is an extremely moving moment that the association Beagle Freedom Project shared with us: March 6, 9 Beagles have were released from the Nevada laboratory where they had been locked up since birth Out of the cages they had never previously left , they discovered that the man could be good and sweet.

7. A dog faints with happiness by finding his mistress

It is true that it is always a very moving sight to see an animal find his master after a long separation, as we often see with soldiers finding their faithful companion on their way home.

But what made the success of the video in question here is that the filmed bitch, Casey, a gray Schnauzer, seems so excited and happy that she falls into the apples! A rare phenomenon that testifies to the intense happiness of the bitch, who sees her mistress worshiped after two years of separation.

8. A cat rescues a child attacked by a dog

This video has been around the world in the space of a few hours and proved that cats too can be real heroes. The cat Tara literally flew to the aid of her little master, then 4 years old, by running away the dog that was attacking her.
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9. The touching story of Budd, a cat almost like any other

This hairball was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease that prevents the proper development of motor skills and certain cognitive functions. But Budd was lucky enough to be picked up by an association, Cat Depot , and then taken care of by a wonderful foster family. In the hands of his benefactors, he learned to stand on his feet, to eat, to do his needs in a litter, then to move thanks to the support apparatus they built for him and adjusted over the years. weeks.

10. Traumatized, this Pit Bull has found an adorable way to overcome his fears

This dog has been adopted into a shelter by its owners. And it was with paralyzing fears that he arrived in his new home. Queso is afraid of the noise of the printer for example, or the kitchen tiles. But what terrifies him the most is the door frames.

But because "Queso is a survivor", he progresses every day and puts in place various strategies to overcome his fears. He has found a way to cross the doorframes, certainly not logical but absolutely adorable and above all very effective.

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