Thanks to you, cases of animal abuse are more and more denounced!

It seems that the work volunteers and the commitment of animal-friendly citizens are paying off.

And if violence against our four-legged friends has not diminished, more and more cases of abuse are reported to the French authorities and neighbors in the hope that justice is done.

Abuse: cases no longer pass through the Web

It is through the Internet and of its many social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc.) that more and more cases of violence against animals are denounced.

At the microphone of CĂ©line Hurner, journalist for RTL Belgium, Jean -Marc Montegnies, Director of Animals at Risk ASBL, explains: " We can see that with social networks and intern and, people can contact us more easily . That does not mean that there are more cases , that means that they are less often hidden .

Denunciation, a civic act in favor of animals

Thus, more a day goes by without associative actors or journalists being rightly warned woes of an animal . In France, every day, the SPA receives dozens and dozens of reports of cases of mistreatment . The "Brigitte Bardot Foundation", it would treat about 2000 files per year.

In recent years, the cases of mistreatment identified by the Belgian animal welfare inspection service have increased. From 361 cases in 2007, they increased to 541 last year. In 2011, in the first quarter alone, 134 cases have already been reported in Belgium.

In Switzerland, in 2009, the number of reports of child maltreatment increased by 32% (1 an increase of 230 cases) compared to 2008, indicate the associations.

In the country, the new animal protection law that came into effect in 2008 also resulted in numerous cases of denunciation . Legislation now forbids the sole possession of an animal suffering from loneliness, and persons who own a guinea pig, for example, are required to find another fellow animal or pay a fine.

In France, 'says the law

The French Penal Code punishes cases of child maltreatment . For ill-treatment , the fines can be up to 762 euros. In the case of voluntary attacks on the life of an animal , they can rise to 1 524 euros.

acts of cruelty , they can have consequences 2 years of imprisonment and 200 000 euros fine.