Thanks to this jacket, our dogs will soon be able to "talk"!

For several years, Melody Jackson, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech University , working on the making of a jacket allowing service dogs to speak...

The Melody Jackson project is a dog jacket called FIDO which stands for " Facilitating Interactions for Dogs "meaning" facilitating interactions with professional dogs ". This jacket, worn by the dog, is filled with sensors that the dog can activate with light nibbling or a few small sneaks . These sensors are all connected to pre-recorded phrases that will be used to communicate with the man, reported CNN .

The jacket has already been tested by Sky, the border 8-year-old collie of Melody Jackson. The latter was able to show his owner what was working or not. However, for the moment, it is only formed with toys : it is enough for Sky to tell his human if the toy that is in front of him is a frisbee or a ball.

A "degrading" task according to the professor who imagines her jacket having important missions in the future...

A dog-to-human communication tool

Indeed, the objectives of this tool are larger and it could serve for example guide dogs when their master is in bad shape: the animal would indeed have to use the tongue on his jacket to challenge Passersby with the phrase " My Master Needs Help! ". The mine detection dogs are also in the scope of this project: they are already trained to detect explosives and recognize the different forms of mines that exist, unstable or not. Thanks to this innovative tool, the hairballs could thus inform their master of the type of explosive and in this case, avoid all risks of explosion . Medical Alert Dogs could reassure people buried in the rubble, indicate if one or more people are alive or, if the finished product works great, call for help!

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