Thanks to the perseverance of her human, this little paralyzed cat makes incredible progress!

Hannah Shaw took under his wing a paralyzed kitten named Chloe. Convinced to be able to help her, she puts everything in place so that her little protege can regain the use of her paws.

The vet was formal: Chloe could never walk again. Paralyzed from the rear end due to probable acts of abuse , the little cat could never stand on all fours. But that was not counting on Hannah Shaw's precious help.

The young woman, sensitive to the fate of this tiny ball of hair, decided to put everything in place to give him a chance to walk again. Beside her, Chloe has turned into an adorable cat, happy and playful , as any "valid" kitten would be.

"I will not give up"

Although Chloe did not suffer from her disability, Hannah wanted to do everything to make her life more beautiful: "I will adapt day after day, I will not give up, I will alternate Therapies, working on creating equipment for her, and focusing on the positive: she is happy, alive, and loved! », She told LoveMeow

Since then, the young woman has steadily increased therapies to help Chloe: one day someone suggested to him to offer a box to the little cat so that she could "slide" on it. The result stunned Hannah to the point of crying:

Chloé also benefited - and still enjoys - laser and acupuncture sessions They do a lot of good because thanks to them , the little cat gradually regains the use of its bladder and its mobility improves. The veterinarians had said that it would never be the case... Chloé proves, everyone, that we must never lose hope!

Kitten Lady

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