Thanks to a great solidarity on Facebook, she finds her Chihuahua

After doing everything to find his dog that had just escaped, his human decided to turn to social networks. And she was right!

Valériane Six - who lives in Tourcoing - was scared of his life when his 30 cm small chihuahua fled after a noise that made him fear. "We were in front of the front door, Jazzy was at my feet, and then there was a gasp coming from a muffler. He got scared and ran away, "says Valerian at Voice of the North .

Right away, she decides to pursue her dog so as not to lose sight of him. But Jazzy runs fast and with his small size it quickly becomes difficult to follow in the streets, even by car. Conscious that she will not find her dog this way, Valerian decides to turn to social networks for help .

An announcement on Facebook

She post an announcement on Facebook. Announcement in which she gives the maximum of details on his dog, adds photos and explains the conditions of his disappearance. After a few minutes, the first answers arrive already and in a few hours the announcement is shared not less than 720 times ! To increase her chances of finding Jazzy, Valerian also posts an advertisement on the Petalert website which specializes in the disappearance of animals.

A happy end

Thanks to its Facebook ad, Valerian finally discovers that his dog was found by a woman from Mouvaux who had also posted an ad on her Facebook page to announce that she had just found a little chihuahua. The two women get in touch and Jazzy has found his home during the day.

Pet Alert North 59

Valerian is very grateful to all those who took the time to help him and share his ad.

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