Thanks to his two puppies, this little boy has found the strength to fight against cancer

Jack is a survivor who has twice conquered the disease. If he did not want to heal, two balls of hair lent him a strong leg during his heavy treatment.

The Benson experienced a terrible emotional lift 3 years ago when after having adopted two adorable puppies to enlarge their family, they learned that their youngest, Jack, had cancer. Devastated, his parents wondered if they should not return their two hairballs so they could focus on healing their son but quickly changed their minds when they understood that they would be an unparalleled comfort for all in this difficult ordeal

Special Caregivers

And they were right! Not only did their presence help their twins to see their younger brother fight the disease was very stressful, the 3 brothers were very close, but most of all, the doggies were incredibly supportive for Jack who also had to bear the side effects of his treatment. "After starting the chemotherapy that made him sick and weakened him, Jack asked that the puppies sleep with him," says Shan, the mom on the Love What Matters page in caption a poignant photo. We can see one of the little dogs tenderly lying in the neck of the little boy who lost his hair, watching over his well-being . "One morning, I went into his room and my heart was tight when I discovered that.

Love What Matters

This picture perfectly sums up the vital role the two dogs have devotedly held, sharing unconditional love with their weakened little master in his healing. Because today, Jack has conquered cancer for the second time. "He enjoys and loves life to the fullest with his two dogs," proudly wrote his mom on Facebook. Many netizens were very moved by Jack's story and shared their own experience with pets that helped them overcome the disease.

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