Thanks to his prostheses and a lot of love, this cat will soon be able to run and jump!

The creation of prostheses is not only reserved for humans, it is also developing more and more for animals, including dogs and cats left disabled by an accident , an illness, or abuse. Vincent is one of those animals lucky in his misfortune . Deprived of his two hind legs, the cat has recently received two prostheses thanks to which his benefactors have been convinced he will be able to run and jump again.

Vincent was a kitten barely a month old when he arrived at Nevada hut where his new mistress Cindy Jones works. His two hind legs were deformed and he could not move. But Cindy had a real crush on the unfortunate hair ball and decided to make every effort to help her. It was thanks to the efforts of the association's volunteers and researchers from the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the University of Iowa (ISU) that the cat was able to cope.

Physical Therapy n ' Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh of the University of Iowa contacted Dr. BioMedtrix, a firm specializing in orthopedic equipment for animals. Prostheses to be implanted in the femurs of the Iowa cat were drawn . This is a rare procedure that will allow Vincent's bones to push on the titanium rods to support his weight.
To avoid a risk of infection, Cindy Jones passes him twice a day an antibiotic spray on The paws. These will continue to be lengthened until they reach the same size as their front legs. This complex surgical procedure would have been performed on only 25 animals worldwide.

Since receiving his first prostheses, Vincent has made steady progress. Admittedly, the cat, now 3 years old, can not yet jump, but he can walk and the doctors who take care of him are hopeful to see him soon regain some agility. " I anticipate that he will soon be able to jump and do normal cat things " says Dr. Bergh...

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