Thanks to his dog, a young autistic man kisses his mother for the first time

Joey was 7 years old when he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that translates into a great deal of difficulty interacting with others From all his childhood, Joey never took his mother in his arms or even kissed his cheek. At 13, he managed to memorize whole books after reading them once. But he was still unable to make connections with others and show his affection.

"She opened my heart"

But thanks to Roxy, an adorable female Pitbull, her life changed . It was at a Los Angeles shelter, the Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay / Neuter Center, that the dog was waiting for her. Joey and his mother first saw it on the association's website. And when they came to see her, it was love at first sight. Roxy and Joey had no more eyes than one for the other.

"As soon as Roxy met Joey, she totally ignored her mother and I. Amanda was so happy to see Roxy go straight to Joey and watch them both play, "says Denise Landaverde, in charge of adoptions at the shelter.

For the first time, at the age of 14, the young man was able to offer affection to a other being . Roxy "opened his heart," he told Today . "During all these years, he did not want to hold my hand, he did not want to hug me, but this dog taught him how to give and show affection, he holds my hand now! hugs her The first time I had a kiss on the cheek was when Roxy came home "says Amanda Granados

She does not care about her differences, she does not judge

Thanks to his dog, Joey now has friends with whom he likes to spend time. " She's really his best friend He can be in the worst possible mood, but when she comes close to him, it's like everything is lit. She does not care about her differences, she does not judge it , she just loves it, "says Amanda. "Children with autism are looked at differently and misunderstanding, just like the Pitbulls, and I think that's why they bonded together," said Joey's mom.

This shocking story is just that a new illustration of what many researches have already proved: animals are in many ways real drugs on 4 legs ! They have very beneficial effects on children with autism, often helping them to be more sociable, gay and less fearful.

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