Thanks to donations from Internet users, he rents a helicopter to find his dog

Murphy is a young Boxer victim of his own curiosity. Too enthusiastic during a walk with his master in Lake District English National Park, the dog took advantage of a moment of inattention to run away towards a flock of sheep. Deaf to the calls of Owen Blythe, his owner, Murphy quickly disappeared from his field of vision and did not return .

Determined to find his Boxer, which he had not managed to find alone in the 2,280 km² of the Lake District, Blythe used a rescue team, the Patterdale Mountain Rescue. In all, he spent five days searching for Murphy , but to no avail: the dog had disappeared without a trace in the vast valleys of the national park.

Find Murphy at any price

M. Blythe was about to give up when, as a last resort, he sent a call for help on Facebook . He posted his message on The Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue (a Boxer support group in the Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire areas of Angelterre). He would never have known the buzz, as impressive as unpredictable, that would cause his announcement.


Indeed, relayed on Twitter by celebrities such as actress Jessica Biel or presenter Claire Balding, Mr. Blythe's call has touched a lot of people. In shock of the magnitude of his message, Murphy's owner found that donations amounted to 1,000 pounds sterling (more than 1,200 euros). Or enough money to hire a helicopter pilot to help him find his dog .

Unexpected vision

So it's in the day of Saturday that Mr. Blythe s flew to travel the region from the sky, hoping that a little height would help him to see the animal. And it was by passing for the third time over the area where Murphy had escaped his master that the miracle happened . Before their eyes, in the middle of a vast expanse of grass, was the young dog lost.

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"We saw him lying in the grass. He looked up at us, he sat down, but he did not move, "says the man, satisfied. "Then we landed in a field a little lower and I was able to take him in my arms and hold him against me." Murphy had lost five pounds after so many days without eating, but did not seem to have suffered anything but hunger during his getaway. And it is with immense happiness that his master brought home the young Boxer.