Thanks to a cat, a mute little boy starts talking

Until the age of 7, Lorcan Dillon , a little British boy, never spoke. Then a cat came into his life, to upset her. Suddenly, Lorcan is indeed out of his silence.

As explained by his mother, Jayne , the little boy never uttered a single word at school. " While the other children were babbling and laughing, Lorcan was completely silent ," she says

Suddenly, he begins to talk to his cat

Very lonely, he suffered from selective mutism, a disease caused by stress. Lorcan's mother then had the idea of ​​offering him a cat, hoping that the e soothing power of the animal would help his son get rid of his anxieties, and so get out of his silence. She then adopted a Burmese female from a breeder.

A wonderful idea! Because "something magical happened between them" rejoices Jayne. Lorcan "started talking to her and she mewed in response." Over the weeks and months, the boy built a very strong relationship with his mate, and truly metamorphosed . "He could talk to his teacher and he even read a few sentences in class, it's fantastic" marvels the little boy's mother.

"As if the cat had understood that Lorcan was vulnerable "

For her, the cat felt the ill-being of Lorcan. " I know that cats are supposed to have a sixth sense but it's as if the cat had understood that Lorcan was vulnerable ," she says.

This confidence and complicity developed between the child and the cat not only allowed Lorcan to come out of his silence, but they also allowed him to win a trophy! The boy and his faithful companion have indeed been elected " best friends " in a competition.