Thanks to an association, Syrian refugees find their dog... in Canada

A Syrian family had to flee Aleppo to seek refuge in Canada. But in the rush, she could not take Fox, his dog...

Never thought they would see their dog again. When this Syrian family had to leave their war-torn country by the end of 2015, they had to leave behind some of their members: the father of a family, a grandmother and Fox, the bitch

A call for help

Safe and sound in Canada, the family has tried everything to get their dear Fox back. One of the sons of the family then decided to write a letter to the SPCA (local SPA): " I left Syria urgently with my mother and my brother but we left our beloved dog Fox there. We left him with our father in a very dangerous place, in El-Jadideh. Please, bring our Fox back to Montreal. My mother is crying all the time. She worries a lot for him.

Unexpectedly, her message was heard. The SPCA took on the incredible journey from Fox, from Aleppo to Montreal, through Damascus, the Lebanese border and Germany. It was not until September 26th that Fox and his masters were finally reunited at the Montreal airport. " It was wonderful to see Fox again. So much thought of him since all this time, "is moving one of the threads on the video. " It felt like something very important had been missing for a long time, and we finally found it. "

See Fox's reunion with the masters on video:

A : This hero takes care of the animals victims of the war in Syria