Testimony: a reader renders a touching tribute to her dog, her "alter ego"

Reader AllCreatureAnimalClinic, Ginette was very touched by the tribute of Hecate XIII to his dog Jade. She also wanted to tell how a big ball of hair called Balou upset her life and brightened her for six beautiful years before leaving, way too soon.

"It's him who chose me, and I agreed so much "

He was the only one to have a three leaf clover on his nose. He had all the little clown. The black ring of his little tail gave the impression that it had been screwed on his body. I did not need to choose him in the scope... he followed me everywhere . It was he who chose me, and I was so much in agreement.
I took him back to a recycling bin with a nice comforter at the back. He was already my treasure. Arrived at home, I unpacked my present. My partner played with this little bear for hours on the living room floor. We were amazed by her beauty, her personality... It was in June 2006.

"Our bear was perfection"

I spent my summer with him in the garden. His favorite game: eating dandelions
We let him grow a little and we started small walks. He was happy to discover all this space.
I do not know how it is done, but he never messed up the house, never ate our shoes, crushed the furniture... our cub was perfection.
In the evening my partner rocked him watching TV: Balou on the back, the little pink belly well in evidence to be fondled.

One day he started to limp. The dysplasia had just shown his nasty nose. But a fairy, named Sonia, taught her how to swim. Six months of hydrotherapy and our Balounours was always happy to live.

"I thought I had been sent an angel"

Every day was pure happiness with him. Walk? OK ! Bathing? OK ! Grooming? OK ! With him the joy was everywhere and ever present. Sometimes I thought I had been sent an angel! I still believe him.
In the winter his fur was thick and I loved to put it my nose... it was so sweet, it smelled so good. What sweet battles of snowballs filled with laughter and licking
And one day in March 2012, my love comes back limping. Veto. Bone Cancer

I never cried as much as that day. I prayed for a miracle... we tried everything... my bear's term was drawing to a close
Not even 6 years old
I'll cry for him all my life. It was my alter ego.

Balou I am clumsy in doing you this tribute... but my heart is heavy and the words do not come easily... Thank you for all the moments, the thousands of seconds of happiness that you brought us . You were my little prince with your speckles in the shape of an ermine necklace... And for eternity you are my sun king...

Ginette Bellavance

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