Testimony: a Dutch dog lost and found in Paris

A topic of forum on the site Animal Services recently caught our attention. Laurence launched an ad on the forum to find her dog . A few days later, he was found safe and sound. She agreed to tell us her story. Testimony

Laurence, from Holland , went on holiday to Paris with her 8-month-old dog named Bibi .

Arrived both on June 9, Bibi escaped and disappeared in the direction of the 12th arrondissement the next day, the day of her mistress's birthday.

Laurence went to look for her. First, she went to the nearest police stations . There, she asked if her little dog had been found, without success.

Two days of research

Panicked, Laurence walked the neighborhood until 2 am , calling the passersby and showing them a picture of Bibi. The next day, she did not stop looking for her dog, and also called the pound and a large number of veterinarians, while providing the police that she crossed her phone number, the number of the chip of the little dog as well than a description of it. Neglecting no track, Laurence also provided these elements to the taxi drivers she met during her research.

On Saturday, June 12, having to vacate her hotel room, Laurence went back in search of Bibi the morning and returned to Holland "I was very sad to return leaving her in Paris in a city and a country she does not know: the return So it was very hard ", she tells us.

Once arrived at her home, she makes a poster on which she announces offering € 500 to the person who will find Bibi. This poster was picked up by her Parisian friends, who stuck it in various places in the 12th district.

Laurence then posted several messages on forums, so that Animal-Services !

"She has a lucky star above her head"

Luckily, on Monday, June 14, a person calls Laurence and announces that Bibi has been found. She can not then contain her joy and immediately takes her car to go to Paris: a journey of 500 km !

The little dog had in fact crossed all the 12th district, as well as the Seine, to arrive in the 5th district . It was there that she was picked up by the concierge of a building. He took care of Bibi, and even went to a vet: Laurence only contacted veterinarians in the 12th arrondissement, he was unfortunately not aware of the disappearance of the little dog.

Before leaving for the weekend, he took Bibi with him and gave him great walks in the countryside! So it was only on his return on Monday that he saw Laurence's posters and called her.

What puzzles Laurence is that her 8-month-old dog was able to cross a district and many boulevards without hindrance. On her return, she was examined by a veterinarian, who found her in perfect health.

A glimpse of the path of the little dog:

moving reunion between Laurence and Bibi, who has "a lucky star above the head" !

A touching story that highlights the solidarity and support that can exist between people.

What do you think of this story? Have you ever had a similar experience?