Test the FURflex hair catcher with your dog or cat!

This week, Conso Animo, the 1st site for product reviews and tests for Pets, offers you to test FURminator's FURflex hair recuperator free of charge with your dog or cat!

The FURflex hair recuperator is the essential tool for removing hair from your dog or cat, your car seats, your clothes...

Even encrusted hair will not resist, whatever their type. The tool is 100% reusable and without adhesive for good maneuverability. Enjoy a life without hair!

I am a candidate for this product test!

How to test the hair recuperator?

A total of 50 FURminator FURflex hair scavengers are available in test. For the chance to be selected and to take part in this test, it's easy: you just have to have a dog or a cat, to live in Metropolitan France, to register on Conso Animo and write 3 reviews on the products you use for your dog, your cat and even... your NAC!

You have until December 27 to apply.

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