Test Beaphar Dog and Cat Toothpaste

This week, Conso Animo, the first site of reviews and tests of products for pets, offers you to test free toothpaste Beaphar!

Tender to fall asleep as soon as your dog proves his affection? Finally, reestablish the emotional bond that united you, before the nauseating smells of its breath tarnished your daily life.
Designed to protect your pet's teeth in the long term, Beaphar toothpaste can both prevent training of tartar while eliminating dental plaque thanks to the protease and glucose oxidase enzymes that make it up.
And since it is more pleasant to combine hygiene and pleasure, toothpaste is liver-tasting to satisfy the taste buds of cats and dogs. dogs!

I am a candidate for this product test!

How to test this dog and cat toothpaste?

Do not wait until the last moment, only 50 Beaphar toothpastes are offered in test! And to have the chance to be selected to participate in this test and take care of dental hygiene pet, nothing more simple: you just have a dog or a cat, to live in Metropolitan France , register on Conso Animo and write 3 reviews on the products you use for your dog, your cat and even... your NAC!

You have until July 06 to apply.

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