Teaching cleanliness to your dog outdoors

The problem when you want to teach your puppy to do your needs at the outside , it is necessary to constantly keep an eye on him to quickly see his desires. The advantage of getting clean "outdoors" is that the dog will "find a rhythm". You will be able to get out at regular hours without observing it constantly.

How to organize the outings of his dog

The new difficulty for the dog is that he must now "ask" to go out or hold back and wait for the time of the ride. He can not go on his diary as soon as he wants to do. It will therefore, at first, decide for him and anticipate his desires!

It is also very important to regulate his "desires" . You will quickly notice that the puppy eliminates after a good sleep and after the meal. You will also notice that a puppy often sleeps and eats often . It will be necessary to go out often!

The rhythm to be adopted is the following one: leave the animal just after the meals , after the periods of nap and after the moments of games. Do not wait for the warning signs of a desire, because the time to prepare, to put the leash, to take the elevator... it's already done! It is best to feed the pup at fixed hours and not give anything between meals. This facilitates the regularity of its "desires."

Once outside, limit yourself to a specific area for the needs: one or two trees for example, in a quiet street to avoid the scare (the smells that impregnate on the tree will stimulate it during the following outings). If you live in a lodge, avoid doing it in the garden. They are indeed proportional to the size of the dog. The needs of the puppy do not bother you at the moment but, unless you have a forest for your garden, when your little ball of hair weighs 40 kg you will see things from a completely different look!

Once the needs are met and only in this case, extend the stroll area. The puppy must understand that he needs it and then walks around. Otherwise it can take hours! On the other hand, if he needs it quickly, do not come back right away, or he could refrain from doing, later, to prolong the exit.

Do not be afraid to appear ridiculous in the rewarding . The dog must feel your "immense happiness". He will then wait for the moment of the walk to make his needs and arouse your joy. Once the rhythm is taken, it becomes natural for him to restrain himself and to go outside. The caresses are no longer necessarily necessary

The gutter

It is important to not neglect this learning. Dumps on a sidewalk are indeed just as disgusting for the passers-by as the poop that can find the masters on their carpet!

The easiest way to teach him the gutter is to walk along the sidewalk for the purpose. As soon as the animal gets into position, you gently pull it into the gutter by pulling on the leash. This will save you from dragging it from the walkway to the gutter and... arriving too late!

The night

It is, of course, out of the question to take the dog out at night (unless it corresponds to your lifestyle). You can leave it as late as possible in the evening and as early as possible in the morning according to your schedule. Initially, the dog will spend the night on his newspapers and then he will restrain himself. If he does in the house on his newspapers, do not reward him in the morning (as you did before). Say nothing.

On the other hand, the day the newspapers are clean, take it out as soon as you get up and express your joy. To help him hold back during the night, you can remove the bowl of water in the evening around nineteen hours, which will avoid the cravings too urgent.

If you limit to the minimum the time during which the dog indoors and if you do not worry about the failure, the risk of failure is minimal.

Here you are armed to ensure the cleanliness of this little ball of fur. One last tip: if you want everything to go fast, take your time and especially be patient !

The cleanliness of the dog in summary:

To do
- Consider as quickly as possible to make him wither outside
- To take the puppy out after each meal, nap, playtime
- To give him his meals at fixed times
- To reward him abundantly
- To always leave at the same place
- Remove water at night

Do not
& bull; Devote a large area (all the kitchen) to the needs
& bull; Take the puppy out of the balcony or into the garden
& bull; Punish him "off-line" or put him "nose in"
& bull; Clean up in front of him

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