Take your pet to work with the Purina Pets at Work program

The presence of one or more pets in the office can be beneficial for all employees but it is not yet very common

In rare French companies with more than 10 employees, the presence of a cat or a dog , or even several (like at AllCreatureAnimalClinic where sometimes, 4 dogs keep us company), seems obvious as it has been integrated into everyday life. But elsewhere, in the sectors that would allow it, either we wonder, or we do not even ask the question because in our culture, the place of our legged friends is at home. And yet, whatever they bring home, they bring it to all our colleagues and, on a larger scale, to the company.

Encourage the Pets at Work movement

The "Pets" trend at Work is not just a fad, it's really beneficial for everyone and many studies, like the recent AllCreatureAnimalClinic survey, prove it: less stress, better communication, more high efficiency... The benefits are many and demonstrate that together, men and animals do wonders. From this, Purina is convinced. That's why the brand specializes in cat and dog nutrition encourages businesses to develop this link by allowing their employees to come to the office with their faithful companion, in complete peace.

Of course, we can not make this decision overnight or lightly . For example, it is important to ensure that management and all employees agree (some may suffer from allergies or phobias) and good animal health.


that everything is going well, PURINA® has created a box , made available to employees and employers including: good practice guide listing all the questions and key steps to be followed in upstream and throughout this formidable project, a health passport to monitor the health of doggies that will come in offices and finally, a code of good conduct to promote the "better life together "of all the biped and quadripede employees. Thanks to these documents, the Pets at Work will have no more secrets for you! So, what are you waiting for to get started?

To learn more about the Pets at Work Purina program, go HERE !

And if you you still have doubts, find all the interviews and examples of companies where this initiative is a success in our section Pets at Work!

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