Take away for the journey with your dog

Before starting, you will have to prepare all that will be needed for your companion both for the journey and the overall duration of the trip.

Several factors - such as the mode of transportation, the length of the trip, the destination and the peculiarities of your dog - are to be taken into account when deciding what to pack.

In addition to various required documents , you will have to take pet accessories :
- A cage or a carrying bag
- A collar or a harness, a leash and if necessary a muzzle
- A shampoo , a brush and a pest
- A pillow or blanket on which he can sleep
- His food: any change of food can cause diarrhea. If he is not used to boxes or croquettes, his gut will react very badly to this change.
- Towels, towels... for "accidents" travel.
- A bowl and water
- Its candies and its toys
- Bags for its needs, some cities being very strict on the droppings.
- A kit to medications
- Health record
- Veterinarian numbers if urgent
- Area SPA numbers and area veterinarians (in case of loss)
- Posters already ready with your contact information and photo to stick in case of loss

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