Susu, the cat named Honorary President of a British university

Since 2002, Susu lives in Southampton Students Union (Southampton, United United). And after 14 years in the happiness of the students, the tomcat was elected Honorary President of the University

In 2002, Susu was first conquered the c & oelig;. Heart of the school's employees, when she was homeless, did not hesitate to feed her. At first too scared to enter the buildings, she just came to get her food, then gradually she adapted and trusted the employees. And since this pretty feline to dress shell turtle has a name to the initials of the university where he resides.

According to President Ben Franklin, Susu is Independent and needs of nobody except for food and hugs. However, she never failed in its duty: the pretty pussy has always sought to brighten the day of all the students she met... although she spent most of her time sleeping in his chair

. For university students, Susu had to be named Honorary President of their institution as " she is the adored animal and venerated places. In addition, she has made an outstanding contribution to the Union, helping to enrich the lives of young people ". And now, it's done.

Thanks to its presence campus life has improved significantly. So naturally it became the star in his university and even had the right to his own account Twitter , on which it is named " Susu The Cat "!

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