Remains of hanging dogs and stuffed animals: new controversy for Jan Fabre

Famous for his polemical performances, the Flemish artist Jan Fabre is again at the heart of the storm. In question, his last exhibition at the Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg) where dogs hanging from the ceiling can be observed...

What is for him an allegory of the triumph of Art on Death, is a vulgarity nameless for the rest of the world. With Knight of Despair / Warrior of Beauty, the artist currently exhibited at the Hermitage Museum until April next attracted the wrath of the Russians. It must be said that to celebrate the victory of Art on Death, he had a very original idea: hanging stuffed dogs on the ceiling with butcher hooks and use other animal remains.

A scandal for many that is reminiscent of his 2012 performance in Belgium during which he had conducted cat firing on the forecourt of the marie d'Anvers... as a metaphor for vanity. Act for which he was subsequently forced to apologize.

Art or cruelty to animals?

Since October 23, messages accusing the museum and the artist of " cruelty to animals the animals "keep raining..." The visitors came to admire the paintings and came across this horror. The children are shocked. Only sadists can hang animal corpses, "said a visitor in relation to the exhibition. "Dead animals are not art. Shame on the Hermitage ", testified another.

Far from being offended by this" bad buzz ", the direction of the prestigious institution has explained on its official website that the exposed bodies were those of" dead animals on the roads ". "Fabre is trying to give them a new life through art and so to overcome death. Contemporary art is a challenge, it makes you think. If someone does not understand or do not like, that's normal, "said Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of the Hermitage, on social networks.

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