Surprised, veterinarians see a tire in the emergency room, then they hear cries

A story that could have ended very badly...

Cookie is an adorable little four-week-old cat who loves to walk around the garage of her humans. A few days ago, while she was having a good time, she decided to take a closer look at the wheel of the car and found herself stuck by the head in the rim !

For several minutes, his humans tried everything to help him untie his head from the tire, without any success. They then decided to go to veterinary emergencies to take no risk with the health of their kitten.

A car tire emergency

Once on site, veterinarians are initially very surprised to see disembark a car tire in the waiting room. It is only in hearing the meows of fear of the little cat they understand the situation, rather unprecedented.

Once in the hands of veterinarians, Cookie could be released in minutes without suffer. A beautiful feat!

Very tired but in perfect health, Cookie was able to return home quietly for a nap well deserved. We can imagine that now she will not venture too close to the tires.

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