Surprise guest of a tennis court, a cat is under the violence of a player

In the semifinal of the Istanbul tournament this weekend, a cat had the misfortune of to meet on the court where Federico Delbonis and Diego Schwartzman were fighting...

He is not likely to make many friends among animal defenders. While the Argentine tennis player Federico Delbonis faced his compatriot, a feline was invited on their court. It was then that he grabbed his snowshoe and sniped a good shot at the animal to make him flee.

The cat incident in Istanbul, from another angle pic.twitter .com / lXVJ3UuDi0

- Stroppa Del (@stroppadel) 30 April 2016

A gesture that has not been passed on to the public or to arbitration. Indeed, if the spectators were very surprised by this reaction, the South American received a warning from the chair umpire because of his attitude.

And since everything is well that ends well, the cat has escaped unscathed and Delbonis has lost two conceding sets to his opponent!

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