Supported by thousands of people, a Pitbull escapes euthanasia

Thousands of people relayed Tuesday a very good news . All supported Dre, a 6-year-old cross-breed Pitbull living in Colorado, USA. This dog was to be euthanized after fleeing his house with the other dog of the family, a Doberman named Machomotto. Yet during this fugue, he wounded no one , nor jumped on anyone.

Dre, victim like so many others of discrimination

The dog and his companion have however barked and frightened the locals who crossed their path. Some of them then alerted the animal control service which recovered the two dogs. And if the Doberman was quickly returned to his masters, Dre, he was not so lucky. Cataloged as " Naughty Dog ", he was locked up and threatened to be eliminated for the sole reason of possible violence.

The owners of the animal then shouted , discrimination, Dre never attacked or bit anyone, as evidenced by their neighbors. " I could not believe it, it's a nice neighborhood, I've never heard anything bad about dogs living here

" says one of them. If a Labrador or Chihuahua had barked like this Pitbull, would he have been threatened with euthanasia? Nothing is less certain...

A petition signed by 68,000 people The desperation of Dre's masters has touched thousands of people across the United States. A petition was issued to obtain the release of the dog, and some 68,000 signatures were collected

. A solidarity that has clearly paid off, since Dre has finally returned home. ' Guess who is at home? Dre !! He was returned today to his family. The case is over "rejoices on its Facebook page The Animal Law Center, a law firm specializing in the

animal advocacy. A wonderful new for the whole family of Dre, his accomplice Machomotto, and all those who fight against the discrimination of which the Pitbull and other dogs unfairly considered as vicious are victims