Stray dogs in Chile show

They are nearly 500 000 stray dogs . They are part of the urban landscape of Santiago, the capital of Chile, and are, for the most part, demonstrators very active.

They are regulars of the tear gas and water lances of the police . Regularly, these dog demonstrators join the various processions which parade in the streets of the Chilean capital to claim their rights: sometimes the unions of the workers, sometimes the students who claim the modernization of the educational system.

El Negro, the Terror of Santiago

Whatever the reason for manifestation and whatever its purpose, the dogs, they always answer the call. One of them, nicknamed "El Negro" is particularly famous: this black dog is the nightmare of the police , according to AFP .

It must be said that this dog imposing has a rather special story. Social networks present him as a " authentic revolutionary , Chilean father of 32 sons (recognized), husband of six ladies, friend of the people and the worst nightmare of the police ". In short, an indispensable asset for the militants who are defended by their canine allies in clashes with the authorities

A danger for dogs?

But as for humans, dogs are sensitive to tear gas. For Fernando Alvarez, vice-president of the Veterinary College of Chile, dogs have " probably eye and respiratory irritation and chronic diseases, which can cause their death ," says AFP.

Affected by these chemicals, many stray dogs are likely to be in very bad shape, especially since some of them are in addition sick , hungry, covered with wounds and / or of parasites .

Faced with this canine overpopulation in the streets of Santiago, a control plan aimed in particular at sterilizing stray dogs and making them adopt is envisaged. Its cost is estimated at 86 million dollars (65 million euros).