Stray dogs attend the funeral of the woman who helped them

Margarita Suàrez, a woman from Merida, Mexico, has been caring for stray animals all her life. This woman has always distributed food to dogs and cats in need of his neighborhood . Every morning, about twenty cats came to her door, and when she left, she never forgot to take with her the daily meal of stray dogs that she crossed in the street. And when Margarita missed the date, she always made sure to feed her proteges.

"Every time we saw a dog on the street, that meant we had to go home to go to look for something to feed him "tells Norte Digital Patricia Urrutia, Margarita's daughter,

Did the dogs come to pay him a last homage?

When his health deteriorated, Margarita moved to Cuernavaca and got closer to her daughter. But his devotion to animals has remained intact. She continued to give food and affection to other homeless dogs and cats. Unfortunately, Margarita's condition has only declined, and she passed away in early March.

On the day of her funeral, on March 15, something incredible happened. All of her relatives have naturally gathered, and among them, four-legged friends, seeming to have come to pay him a last homage .

Patricia first thought it was stray dogs simply came for their food. But the dogs entered the room where his mother's body was resting. When everyone set out for the church, the dogs followed. And when they got back to Margarita, they were still there.

For Patricia, these dogs came to greet her mother. She is certain that they are among those they fed and if she does not know how they managed to find her, she was very happy to see these animals that her mother loved to bring their happy and warm presence on this sad day

The young woman has published several photos of the dogs on the day of the funeral on her facebook page.