Storm Xynthia: damage to animals

If material disasters and human losses were considerable after the passing of storm Xynthia, the animals were also the victims of this natural disaster. Time is running out almost a month after the storm: domestic and wild animals are endangered in Charente-Maritime , the hardest hit region.

The island of RĂ© was known for its population of cats in freedom, but today counts a frightening number of cats died in the storm and stray animals . ADAF makes an emergency call on his site. Indeed, the local association, which contained all the food reserves planned for felines, was completely flooded , which makes the survival of cats threatened. Added to this are newcomers who come to feed at the various feeding points: recognizable by their collars, they have been separated from their homes and wander across the island to feed. Some cats are even exposed to poisoning: in search of food, they eat what they find, and sometimes fall on poisoned baits for rats.

Various associations for the protection of animals, including the Greyhound and Company Association, have joined together to bring food and help pets get their families back.

Wild rabbits have also been hit hard. It is estimated that nearly 80% of their population has been drowned. There would be only 500 rabbits out of the 1200 present before the storm. The local authorities have therefore invited hunters to reduce their game and to hunt less for a certain time, especially hares.

These are not the only species concerned. freshwater fish were also trapped by the saltwater surge. Many horses, sheep were drowned; burrowing animals such as foxes, badgers and hedgehogs have suffered the same fate.

To send donations or adopt an animal, visit the ADAF and Greyhounds and company .