Stevie, the blind cat who likes to climb mountains with his human (Video of the day)

" Some cats have mustaches Others are famous because they are grumbling, some can even play the keyboard and some make money just because they are cute My cat does not do any of this "said Patrick Corr in a video paying tribute to his cat

But Stevie, a beautiful blind cat , is nonetheless an exceptional being in his eyes. She, because Stevie is a female, loves to walk in nature alongside her human, with whom she seems to have forged a very special relationship.

These walks are very important for the duo , and even more for Stevie since they moved into an apartment and she can not go out as she was used to.

Patrick Corr, who adopted Stevie 3 years ago at a veterinary clinic in Cork, has took advantage of one of their latest adventures, in County Tipperary, Ireland, to make a new video. Very touching, she speaks to us of hope and reveals the beautiful complicity that unites Stevie and Patrick . A complicity to discover and follow in pictures on the account Instagram of the young man.

"Stevie taught me a lot of things, she is always there for me and I need her" , he says on Reddit . " She changed my life forever I was not really a cat person before I met her (...) I was not trying to adopt a cat but when I heard how much she needed a house, I could not resist."

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