Sterilizing your cat

sterilization of the cat is not mandatory but strongly recommended, Here are the main advantages, how and at what age to sterilize her feline:

Sterilization is a must for the cat. Indeed, from the puberty of the cat, it is possible to sterilize her cat. Contrary to popular belief, sterilization is not bad for cat health , it does not make it fat and lazy and does not change its character.

Sterilizing your cat: the benefits

We must see the sterilization of the cat as a advantageous solution , which reduces the stress and discomfort of the cat during the heat season, eliminates the danger of uterine cancer and reduced udder

In males, cat sterilization reduces aggression, avoids amorous fighting "and help prevent testicular cancer .

In addition, sterilizing is the best way to manage the feline population and prevent the proliferation of Stray cats


What is the sterilization of the cat? The sterilization of the cat consists of the removal of the

reproductive organs of the animal In the male e, the testes are removed. In the female, the ovaries and / or the uterus

are removed

No sterilization after the age of 6 The surgical operation is carried out under general anesthesia and is simple, both for females to be sterilized when they are seven months of age, and for males

which must be sterilized between six and nine months sterilization can also be done as an adult, but never after six years

. After the operation, it takes only a day or two of rest for the animal to regain its strength.