Star Wars 8: Carrie Fisher's dog will surprise you!

A nice surprise for fans of the saga, but you have to have it!

In a few days, the time will finally be the discovery of the eighth long-awaited opus of the saga "Star Wars" . A film that should be much talked about and that will allow fans to make their goodbye to the actress Carrie Fisher , deceased during the filming of the film. However, the actress still has a major role in this sequel and she did not come alone!

A Space Dog

You probably know me, but Carrie Fisher was totally crazy about her Bulldog French named Gary . So much so that the brave dog was following her everywhere. He was in all the filming on the red carpet and never seemed to leave his mistress. A true companion who was undoubtedly devastated by the loss of his beloved mistress.

Gary became so inseparable from his illustrious mistress that he too was entitled to a role in the next Star Wars. Obviously, we are only talking about a little cameo in which the Bulldog camps a space dog! A little surprise role for the fans who will have to open the opening to recognize Gary.

To help you a little, here is a message posted on Twitter that unveils Gary in "Star Wars 8."

clear henry on Twitter

See you in the dark rooms on December 13th, and may the Force be with you!

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