Stéphane Bern unveils the secrets of the dogs of the greatest of this world

No longer present Stéphane Bern , passionate journalist of crowned heads. But what is less known about the Secrets of History presenter on France 2 is that he has another hidden passion: dogs. Finally, not so hidden as it is today a book where he combines his two affections: A dog's life, the faithful companions of the great of this world .

In this book, the journalist gives us the most canine secrets of the great royal and presidential personalities : Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy or Princess Stephanie of Monaco to name only them. All have a four-legged companion by their side.

And when he decides to rebel by revealing his deepest thoughts under the pen of Stéphane Bern, it gives a funny and amazing work . And to crown it all, illustrated with rare and unexpected photos.

Today, this madman of work as he recognizes himself surprises us and delights us with his new book. Work of the most princely, as usual, but also very spicy. Who has never dreamed of knowing the most shameful thoughts of the faithful companions of the great of this world?

Exclusive interview of Stéphane Bern for How did you come up with the idea of ​​this book?

Stéphane Bern: As you know, I have always been interested in Gotha and the royal families that make it up; having had a hard-haired Dachshund myself for five years, and I am passionate about history, I immersed myself in those dogs, their origin and the owners among the great of this world, from Queen Victoria to Kaiser Guillaume II...

So I first wondered who were the monarchs who had Dachshunds and collected photographic documents: Danish rulers, Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium. This was the starting point and I only had to follow the track thus traced and trace the wire to the various dogs of the monarchs and presidents.

What story did you have the greatest pleasure to write?
By personal affinity, I took great pleasure in writing about "my" Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg - I always have a part of my family there - or about the Dachshunds of the Danish court. But, I had a lot of fun telling the story of French and American presidential dogs. It is enough to remember the collective hysteria that accompanied the presentation of the "first pet" presidential to the White House, Bo Obama last April.

Our president is more discreet about the four-legged companions who live in Elysee but Labrador is de rigueur... The same goes for the image of the president in the opinion because Labrador is a dog at once elegant and clumsy, loving both children and frail people. A portrayal of the presidential virtues required!

How do you explain the strong emotional bond that binds the monarchs and presidents with their dogs?

For great kings, said Corneille, they are what we are. But they, more than us, have lived solitary since their earliest childhood, without really having friends to confide in, surrounded later by flattering courtiers; the love of a dog is disinterested, he does not care if his master wears a crown or not. Dogs are also the only ones who do not publish their Memoirs or sell indiscretions to the tabloids!

We understand better why the Queen of England is so human with her dogs, while she seems to have more difficulties to express her emotions towards her children. In addition, royal or presidential palaces have beautiful parks that allow dogs to flourish. Watch the drama that hits Sumo, the Bichon of the Chirac couple, victim of a terrible "Elysee blues" and forced to leave Paris because he took revenge on his master by biting him.

Can you present us in a few words your two dogs?

For five years, I have a dog Dachshund kaninchen (reduced size) hard-haired, Virgula, alas victim of cataract juvenile and who, despite surgical operations, became blind. So I joined him for two years a companion, kind of blind guide, Dash, who gave him fishing again. They are very affectionate dogs but terribly stubborn and sometimes noisy. When Virgule was alone, I would take her everywhere with me, on the radio, on filming, but since she has a friend, they keep themselves company.

What do you think they would say to you? If they had the use of speech?

To parody the adage, no one is a hero for his dog. Undoubtedly Virgule and Dash would reproach me for working too much and not always paying attention to them when I write to my computer. So, they protest and I have to work with one or the other on the knees! Sometimes I get the feeling that Dash is watching me fluster around and say to myself: you could not have a good time instead of running around and working around the clock even on weekends? They sleep a lot more than me...

Do you have, just like the personalities in your book, an anecdote to tell us about you and your dogs?

We are far from the incredible stories about the Corgis of the Queen from England as I tell them in the book, or even heartbreaking dramas lived by the Prince of Wales with his Jack Russell bitch, or even fairy tales including Tongdaeng, the bitch of the King of Thailand, and Yuri, the Akita Inu puppy of Princess Aiko of Japan, with the example value offered to the general public

Virgule overcomes her disability by extended stays on vacation at the sea. In Greece, she especially loves sunbathing and loves to tan your belly. As for Dash, he is more in his element in Paris where he sees a lot of people. Not shy, he loves to cuddle, to kiss those who caress him, while Virgule is more interested in the bottom of the jeans and the laces of the sneakers...

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