Spiderman 4: Black cat as new enemy?

The 4th installment of Spiderman should see a new enemy coming in size: Black Cat . Who is it ? Black Cat is a super hero character from Marvel Comics . This is Felicia Hardy, a woman dressed in black, whose outfit is reminiscent of a cat.

Why is it interesting? Because this is a big enemy for the spider! Because of her super powers but also because Felicia is none other than Peter Parker's ex-girlfriend ( Tobey Maguire ), which may not please Mary Jane ( Kirsten Dunst ), his current fiancée

Black cat would appear in history as being the head of a journalist, Peter's colleague. She would fall in love with the spider and discover her secret. But it is only from the moment that the young woman's father dies that she becomes a real danger for Spiderman.

The "cat woman", which strangely reminds cat woman, stands out by her talents of thief, but would also have the power to bring bad luck or in other words to "bad luck" to the superhero.

All this suggests a number of twists, which we have the time to reflect since the film will not be released before May 2011 .

In the meantime, a question: the cat or the spider, who will win?

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