SPCA Launches Condoms for Dogs and Cats

The SPCA San Francisco never skimp on the means, and especially ideas when she launches an awareness campaign! Overwhelmed by litters of abandoned dogs and cats every day, the animal welfare association is constantly encouraging pet owners to have their pets neutered and neutered.

Condoms for Dogs and Cats

So the latest SPCA campaign promotes condoms... for dogs and cats! " Condoms for animals, contraceptive methods for dogs and cats ", " Talk to your pet about contraception ", " How to put a condom on your pet. that every owner must know "argue posters and page petcondoms.org created for this campaign

The only solution: sterilization

Of course not, condoms for dogs and cats do not exist, and even if they were real, our animals would be hard put to use them! It's up to their masters to be responsible and to avoid gestations and births desired. " There is only one real solution Sterilize or castrate your pet " reads when one clicks on one of the thumbnails of the site.

The association reminds that fewer abandoned cubs is also more room in the shelters for other animals, a chance for them to find a family, and therefore less euthanasia.