South Korea's largest dog meat market is about to close

Tuesday, December 13, an agreement was found and signed between the city of Seongnam (Korea South) and dog meat sellers of the largest market in the area. As early as next week, the number of animals kept in cages should decrease...

A small step for the Man, a big step for the animals. In exchange for financial aid to allow them to convert, the 22 dog meat sellers in the Moran market have agreed with the Seongnam authorities: will gradually stop trading if cruel to any canine lover, reported Korea Herald . And if all goes according to plan, this practice of another time should have completely disappeared by May 2017.

The market of Moran provided, since the 60s, a third of the dog meat consumed in Korea South, recalled BBC . For this reason, he was in the visor of many local, national and international associations that were fighting to stop dog slaughters that were often violent (electrocutions and hangings being common) and carried out. full street.

The end of the market for canine meat, the powder in the eyes?

"The city of Seongnam will take the initiative to transform the image of South Korea." The grandeur of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats animals . "", besides delivered Lee Jae-Myung, - mayor of the city instigating this project quoting Gandhi - as to justify his desire for change. But it could be that this decision is not directly related to the issue of animal welfare...

In 2018, the Olympic Winter Games will be held in Pyeongchang (South Korea). A fact that might have motivated the authorities to act as quickly as possible: everything is a issue of reputation . "We will have to keep an eye on the dog meat stores on the market to see if they really stop killing dogs. And the city authorities will also have to continue pushing for a total ban on the sale of dog meat here, "said Jang In-young, spokesman for The Korean Animal Welfare Association.

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