Soon a guide dog for the blind... robot version? (Video)

In Japan, a team of researchers has developed a robot of a particular kind, a robot that acts as a guide dog for the blind .

Are the real guide dogs for the blind concerned about their work? Not so sure

The concern of the Japanese is the lack of reliability of the animal as to the attitude to take to help his master.

With a robot , all situations are calculated, analyzed, and the machine is able to help the blind to move in space.

Can the robot replace the animal?

Scientists are still in the prototype phase, but the results are still very encouraging.

The robot does not really look like a dog, but only feats count. With its 4 articulated legs and wheels, the robot is able to help a visually impaired person climb steps at a respectable pace.

With a constantly growing population aging, the dog guide dog robot could represent a real market for Japanese.

Still, the machine is much more cumbersome than a real dog, she can not have reactions as vivid as an animal... and it will not hug you whenever you ask

The Articulated Quadruped, future guide dog for the blind?