Sochi: a young American skier tries to save puppies

The competition does not prevent the sportsmen present in Sochi from watching this that it happens around them, and become aware of the fate of stray dogs in particular
The young skier Gus Kenworthy for example, did not just win the medal of slopestyle money, he could also bring home some balls of hair in danger.

The young man has published on his Twitter account pictures of him with his new friends Adorable puppies in the dark future... if they stay in Sochi at least.

"I'm looking for a way to bring them home with me "

When he saw these poor beasts roaming the edge of the Olympic Village, he had a real crush on them, and has since been looking for a place where get them vaccinated so you can bring them back to the US

" We spent the afternoon playing with a group of wandering puppies here in Sochi! I'm looking for a way to bring them home with me, but I do not want to separate them from their mum who is also so cute and looks so good on them. I bought them food, and I'll see them tomorrow "he wrote Tuesday on his Facebook page

Gus Kenworthy is not the only one trying to do something for Hundreds of stray dogs threatened with death in Sochi . Billionaire Oleg Deripaska, one of Russia's richest men, would have saved some 140 dogs by hastily building a shelter and hiring a team to watch over them.