Too cute! A Beagle pup plays with a Rottweiler (video of the day)

Who's afraid of the big bad Rottweiler? Not that Beagle puppy anyway. This mischievous little dog has some mischief to sell and he lets it know by jumping on his boyfriend, obviously not bored with his jokes.

Here is another video that pleads in favor of this dog, we spoke to you recently in our special Rottweiler file. Not bad for a penny, the animal plays with caution with the small ball of hair even though it could make a mouthful.

But complicity and the tenderness are at the rendezvous and it is under the amused eye of their owners that they frolic joyfully.

And even when the big dog black undertakes a truce for s to have fun with his toy, the puppy returns to the load, decided not to let him respite !

In short, all this is very cute and we leave you the leisure to appreciate and share this really crunchy video !

A Beagle puppy definitely inexhaustible!

And as a happiness never comes alone and there are not only for the Beagles , here is a video of a Rottweiler puppy that will not fail to melt you. Yes, hiccups, it does not only happen to humans!

Hips! This Rottweiler puppy is suffering from an ugly hiccup.