Smurf, the kitten dyed in purple that served as a chew toy goes much better!

Recently rescued by a Californian shelter, a kitten named Smurf was the poor victim of horrible atrocities. But today he is much better and faces life more serenely thanks, in particular, to a certain Wanda...

Remember, it was a little earlier this year. When he was only 7 weeks old, a kitten was collected by the Nine Lives Foundation, a shelter near San Jose, California, because of the atrocities he had suffered. Dyed purple and become a chew toy of a big dog, the little cat was indeed a hair of death.

The baptized "Smurf", which did not suffer from not less than 20 deep wounds and weighed even not 500 grams, was urgently supported by the association. And today, he is much better.

If he had made friends quickly, one of them particularly caught his attention: Wanda . It's partly thanks to her, adorable blind kitten, and her furious desire to live again and again that he has escaped.

"The colorful fur in purple of Smurf has almost been erased at 70 %! He has become an adorable little kitten with a medium gray hair ", has also taken refuge that has taken care of it.

Now inseparable, the association hopes that Smurf and Wanda will be adopted

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