Dog sled massacre makes law change in Canada

Remember, The case was unveiled just 1 year . No less than 100 sled dogs used to walk tourists during the Vancouver Olympics had been executed in April 2010 in Whistler, a ski resort in British Columbia

. The reason for this massacre? A drop in attendance at this attraction following the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics

The case had profoundly shocked the world , and exemplary sanctions had

In the light of these tragic events, the sanctions for animal cruelty in the province of British Columbia were adjusted to $ 75,000 fine maximum and up to 2 years imprisonment

Recently, the provincial government introduced the Sled Dog Code (or Sled Dog Code) which sets standards for the health, nutrition, habitat and working, transport and euthanasia conditions of these dogs.

Tougher legislation, not always easy to apply

The province of British Columbia currently has the toughest animal cruelty legislation

Marie Moriarty, a representative of the SCPA (equivalent of our SPA) in the province, says these steps are a good first step. " We want their well-being first and foremost, not for profit ," she says

However, she regrets the lack of inspectors dedicated to the application of this code. " It will be impossible for 25 inspectors sent by the SCPA to enforce these measures when we already have 7,000 annual complaints.

Note that this new code still allows dog owners sledge of the euthanize if their efforts to place them in a family are unsuccessful...