Six Spitz lived in a cage of 2m²... until the rescue of the Foundation 30 Millions of Friends

It is a sordid story that has just revealed the 30 Million Friends Foundation: January 23, the association and the gendarmes and the Mayor of Le Faoüet (Côtes-d'Armor) helped six dogs who had been locked in a chicken coop for a year

"These dogs have seen nothing but their tiny pen"

2m² : this is the space in which six dogs lived for 365 days. Inside this chicken coop: a female Spitz and her puppies waded in their droppings and barked day and night. They were also not fed and watered properly. "These dogs have seen nothing but their tiny pen for a year. Their mistress confessed to us, "said Anne Puggioni, head of the 30 Million Friends shelter at the Tuilerie, in Saint-Hilliers (77). A complaint for "abandonment" was filed.

The cage where the Spitz lived - © Foundation 30 Million Friends

Covered with mud and excrement, the dogs were washed. The mother, who could no longer move her hind legs and had a teat tumor, was operated urgently . All are currently in the shelter of the Tuilerie pending a court decision. Congratulations to the Foundation 30 Million Friends for this action!

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