Since the day of its adoption, this cat never stopped smiling

Abandoned and alone in the world behind the bars of a shelter while she was only a kitten, she has recently saw his destiny swung through a happy coincidence and now displays a smile to melt all the c & oelig; urs...

Named Rey in honor of the new heroine of the final installment of the Star Wars saga, it n ' has not always had an easy life. And in fact, abandoned kitten like the character that inspired his nickname, the kitten with the fluffy red dress was out of a shelter there is little while nothing predestined them.

"I was looking for no kitten... but I had a presentiment that I had to stop at the shelter on my way home from work ", in fact unveiled his new mother at Love Meow . And since the little fur ball smiled... and became a minor celebrity on Instagram

Arrival at the shelter, the girl immediately fell for the kitten and brought him back home where she was able to present it to his new "daddy".

the named Rey has quickly adapted to his new family life and has become the little sister of two other cats, too out of shelters.

it is very cuddly and shows her happiness in everyday life...

She is crisp, right? One can easily understand why his family has fallen irrevocably under his spell...

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