Since 2 months nobody could catch this dog, a little girl will change everything (Video)

Children are sometimes incredible

After years of suffering in a house where she was abused, Daisy finally got a second chance when she arrived at a shelter. There, the bitch was treated properly and she even quickly had the happiness of finding a family for life . A loving family who takes great care of her. But this is not enough. Daisy has struggled to trust since she was mistreated and after only 48 hours, she runs away from her new home.

Her new owners are doing their best to get her back to the house, but Bitch refuses to let himself be approached and fled tirelessly each time. All the neighbors are trying to get Daisy back, but the weeks go by and nothing works. The dog stubbornly refuses to return to her new family. Luckily, she is regularly fed by the whole neighborhood who is eating every day for her.

Megan, the little girl whispering in the dogs' ears

The situation could have been stuck for many weeks, but after two months a girl accustomed to dog rescue thanks to her family asked if she could try her luck with Daisy.

The most gently and calmly in the world, the 6 year old Megan was first sitting in the grass not far from Daisy. After a few minutes, the dog seems more calm and less stressed. It was then that Megan slowly crawled closer. Just a few centimeters. Then, to everyone's surprise, Daisy came to her and let herself go. At one time, Megan managed to reassure the dog, something that nobody had managed to do in two long months .

Since then, Daisy has a new home and everything is going well ! Below you can see the beautiful story of Megan and Daisy .

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