Showcasing shelter animals by photo

As the summer approaches, shelters are not always full, quite the contrary. The abandonment of domestic animals are unfortunately commonplace at this time of the year. In front of the crowd of dogs and cats present in the shelters, difficult for their possible future masters to make their choice!

On the Internet, the case is all the harder and the experiment does not convince in general not really visitors to the Net . In fact, the photos of the animals that are exposed, when they are present, are most often of very poor quality, making it impossible to get a realistic idea of ​​the animal.

In other cases, Dogs or cats are visibly scared, stressed by this camera pointed at them. The outcome is often the same: the masters interested in acquiring a dog or a cat turn around and give up in front of a flagrant lack of essential information.

It is for this reason that Mary Swift, a professional photographer, volunteers to take pictures of animals in Baltimore Humane Society , the equivalent of our SPA. Mary Swift has always specialized in animal photography. No way to make gray pictures, without light, where animals would not be to their advantage: the focus is on sharpness and quality. All animals are caught in the sunlight, during a moment of joy.

Some of these animals are so shy or depressive that their potential buyers would never notice them without the moving pictures she posted on the Baltimore Humane Society , "says association president Caroline Griffin. " Some adopters arrive with his picture in their hands. I often wonder how many suffering animals have found a home thanks to it

For once, a woman is at the service of animals and wants only one thing: that they find an adoption home. And what do you do on a daily basis to improve the condition of animals?