Shocking revelation: Alain Delon wants to euthanize his dog to die with him

The 82-year-old actor does not want his last dog, with whom he maintains a fusional relationship, to survive...

Alain Delon is a dog lover. In a special issue of the magazine Paris Match devoted to him, he goes back to his love for the canine species: "I had 50 dogs in my life", he declares. He had also stated in an interview with the Parisian in 2013 that he had "up to 14 dogs at the same time", and that 35 of his dogs were buried at his house , in his Douchy property, in Loiret. The actor had confessed his desire to be buried by their side.

At 82, Alain Delon has only one dog today: Loubo, a 3-year-old Malinois. " I have a special relationship with that one. He annoys me because he does not want to go up the stairs, so I do not sleep with him, but it will come. He has his character, he does not like everyone. I miss him when I'm not with him ", can we read in the columns of Paris Match.

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" He will prick him so that he will die in my arms "

Alain Delon can not conceive that his dog lives without him. He tells the magazine: "If he were to die before me, which I hope I will not take any more. If I die before him, I will ask the vet to leave together. He will prick him to die in my arms. I prefer that rather than knowing that he will die on my grave with so much suffering. " A shocking statement that provokes a lively controversy:

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