Shock wave therapy to treat dogs

Shockwaves can be used in animal functional rehabilitation to treat diseases affecting the joints of dogs

What are shock waves?

Shock waves consist of the emission of low frequency acoustic waves that pass through the muscle tissues by modifying their press n for the purpose of improving blood circulation. As for humans, this rehabilitation by physiotherapy, aims to relieve pain and promote the anti-inflammatory process. They produce physiological effects on the target tissues: relief of the dog's pain, increase of the cellular metabolism with anti-inflammatory effect, increase of the vascularization and reduction of the muscular tensions.

The shock waves have the ability to penetrate the dog's tissues deep and / or over a large area but never produce heat, unlike ultrasound

In which cases do shock wave therapy to his dog?

Therapy shock wave therapy is recommended in dogs suffering from disorders of the joints or circulation, such as dysplasia of the hip or elbow, osteoarthritis (especially of the hip), in case of accident or trauma to promote healing, insertion tendinopathies and calcifications. The application of radial shock waves is subject to contraindications and needs to be applied by a veterinary practitioner trained in the technique .

On the other hand, if the dog suffers from inflammation acute, if it has not finished its growth, if it suffers from cancerous tumors or if it is a pregnant female, this therapy is strongly discouraged.

How is a therapy session going? by shock waves?

A wave generator is directly applied to the skin of the animal, a conductive gel is generally used to promote adhesion. The beneficial effects of a session are felt 2 to 3 days later.

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